Your Basket


How to subscribe

Keep forgetting to place your Veg Box Fresh order? Don't worry - we now offer subscriptions!

Start by going to our preset popular boxes and click on the one you would like.

You will have a choice between buying once or subscribing.

Choose 'Start a regular order' and then choose how often you would like it - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Then simply add to your basket as normal.

When does it get delivered?

Choose your delivery date for your first box and we'll deliver that box on that day each week, fortnight or month.

If you want it delivered on another day, simply get in touch and we'll change it.

How do I get charged?

Enter your payment details in the checkout and we'll charge your account each time we deliver a box.

How do I cancel?

If you choose to create an account with us you can manage your deliver and cancel whenever you like.

You can pause your subscription and reactivate whenever you want to.

If you don't have an account we will email you a link to our customer portal where you can manage your subscription.

What if I want to create my own box?

If you usually create your own box rather than having one of our preset boxes delivered simply place your order as usual and let us know you want to turn it into a subscription.

We'll send you a confirmation email of your order with the option of making it into a regular order. Simply select this option and we'll do the rest.